Let Me Introduce My Team

Peter VanDer Schaaf Dowie VanDer Schaaf Tricia Chupp Financial Advisors Grand Rapids Michigan Stifel Meet the Team 

I believe very strongly that this industry requires a team approach. The information to absorb on investments is massive. Certainly you require quick responses to your questions and concerns. Only through a dedicated team can the information be absorbed, appropriate recommendations made, and prompt and efficient service given to you, the client.


Dowie VanDer Schaaf is a Financial Advisor. He arranges client briefings, schedules telephone appointments, and may periodically review your account information with you. Dowie is also your first contact for the initial phases of investment planning, to forward the appropriate information and answer questions you may have in completing questionnaires. Dowie is also in charge of generating new business to help my clientele grow. If you know of anyone who could use my services, Dowie would be the one to call.  




Tricia Chupp is our Registered Client Service Associate, but her primary duty is to serve as my client services manager. Her job is to handle all client service questions and problems. If you need a check from your account, want to schedule a face-to-face meeting, are curious about a dividend, or would like other information, you'd call her.  She is also the expert on our client database system. In addition, she maintains our computer data accurately and produces all the mailings that are generated from our office.